Tax Assessment and Litigation

The Firm has well-established experience in supporting companies, firms and individuals in all dealings with the tax authorities.
In particular the firm is able to assist and represent taxpayers in the various stages of tax assessment and litigation:

  • taxpayers representation before Guardia di Finanza (Italian law enforcement agency concerned with tax matters) and Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Revenue Agency) during their access, inspections and tax audits;
  • examination and evaluation of Reports of Verification (Processi Verbali di Constatazione);
  • management and responses to irregularity notices;
  • examination of notices of assessment and notices of payment in relation to direct tax, VAT (IVA), regional tax on productive activities (IRAP), custom duty, registration fee, mortgage and cadastral taxes, inheritance and gift tax, real estate taxes (ICI and IMU), stamp duty and other taxes;
  • pre-litigation settlement procedures;
  • appeals to acts and notices before the Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions, as well as before the Supreme Court of Cassation (the latter activity carried out in the partnership network of leading professional bodies of lawyers who collaborate regularly with the firm);
  • judicial conciliations.